Rifle & Shotgun Firearms Cases

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Built to survive the outdoors, water, dust and abuse of all kinds the NANUK 985 is a clear favourite of sportsmen, sportswomen, hunters, law enforcement and the military due to its relatively compact size and its compatibility with firearms.

NANUK 985 Takedown Shotgun Case
This 36” takedown shotgun-sized case features two spring-loaded handles and rolls around smoothly with its polyurethane wheels. With an IP67 waterproof rating, the NANUK 985 TAKEDOWN case keeps your gun safe and protected.

At 44 inches inside, this case perfectly fits a single AR-15 or similar rifle and pistol, or a takedown shotgun and accessories. This military-grade case is also commonly used by photo and video pros as a lighting kit travel case or a tripod hard case.

Measuring 52” inside, the NANUK 995 is our longest case built for extreme protection and transportation of double rifles, primarily. It has earned the trust of sportsmen, sportswomen, hunters, law enforcement and the military.

All Cases Are:
✔️Waterproof (IPX7)
✔️Dustproof (IP6X)
✔️MIL-SPEC certified
✔️Airline check-in: Yes
✔️Airline cabin carry-on: Yes

Below are the variants of the Rifle & Shotgun Firearms Cases and their dimensions:

Rifle & Shotgun Firearms Cases Product Code Interior Dimensions (cm) LxWxH Exterior Dimensions (cm) LxWxH
985  93 x 36.8 x 15.2 101 x 44 x 16.8
985 Tak Shot 93 x 36.8 x 15.2 101 x 44 x 16.8
990 11.8 x 36.8 x 15.2 119.6 x 44 x 16.8
995 132.1 x 36.8 x 15.2 139.9 x 44 x 16.8


Note: All cases come with the foam already inside. The Takedown Shotgun variant comes with a cut out of 36” takedown shotgun-sized specifically.